A series of posters done for the Anderson Gallery in Richmond, Virginia. Hunter Foster’s show Dealer contains work exploring poetic associations of the word dealer (car dealer, card dealer, drug dealer, art dealer, god as dealer of fate and consequence). Formal and conceptual conceits such as repetition, chance operations, quotation, the readymade and lyrical abstraction. Embracing the notions of chance and repetition, I wanted to experiment with using chance observations in creating a poster series, pulling inspiration from John Cage’s use of i ching divination texts in his work and Andrew Blauvet’s reflections on conditional design in Ghost in the Machine: Distributing Subjectivity. I created a grid of circles that range from 37–77 which are the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of The Anderson and used a random number generator on Google set between these values to plot points and create different shapes out of the lines. The number of lines and random numbers generated on each poster is 6 which parallels how many times coins are tossed when using i ching for divination. Additionally, I used a random color generator to choose the colors. In this way chance and a plan create the posters, not solely a single designer.
Instagram and Web Versions
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