Contrasting against the very busy condom and personal lubricant design on the shelves, the packaging for Muse is clean, striking, and elegant. The driving message of Muse is that everyone is a masterpiece in their own right, despite the limited definition of beauty within the art historical canon.
The custom lettering done for Muse is set to feel both elegant and friendly. The symbol—an abstraction of a frame—builds around the central idea of Muse which is that anyone can center themselves as masterpiece. This idea is summarized by the slogan of Muse: Frame a Masterpiece.
The initial sketches for Muse surrounded around the concept of fruit and the still life. I wanted to capture the sensuality that many artists captured with the aid of the heavy connotations surrounding fruit in art. I found this approach flawed as it appeared to be a restaurant branding. The digital iterations show some of my initial explorations on the custom typeface and use of a rectangle as a symbol for a frame.
The Muses chosen for this project are a considered re-framing of what the art history canon traditionally sees as a muse by spotlighting people of color and/or queer people in lieu of Eurocentric beauty standards.
The box design reinforces the idea of "framing" as the illustrations on each box are tucked behind a cut-out panel. The box includes all the information traditionally found on condom boxes, including health warnings and usage information. Also, the box has a little bit of information about the brand message and the muse and respective artist on each box.  
The personal lubricant bottle continues the same framing motif found on the box and includes instructions and ingredients.
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